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Napa Designated is committed to providing a friendly,

fun and exciting experience to your vacation in wine country. Our personal drivers are completely insured to drive your vehicle, and to take away the anxiety and allow you to enjoy visiting several of wine country’s best locations safely.

With over 500 wineries in Napa and another 600 in Sonoma, choosing the best spots and tasting experiences can be overwhelming.

Today, most wineries require reservations for bookings to explore their vineyards and caves, and to taste their award-winning varietals. Wine Tasting is by no means a one size fits all appreciation. Napa Designated works with clients on an individual basis, understanding the subjective choices in creating an itinerary based solely on what you want to see, taste and experience.

Whether you’re a first timer, a honeymooner, celebrating your 25 th Anniversary, or wishing to find the hidden gems for your wine cellar back home, Napa Designated can create a personalized experience for each and every person coming to explore Napa!
Napa Designated was founded by Will Butler, a Certified Sommelier who has nearly a decade’s experience as a personal concierge and driver in Napa Valley to his resume. He has driven clients to every winery in Napa, has personal contacts with most of them, and has worked and made wine for others.


Will Butler

Owner at Napa Designated

Let’s Work Together

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